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A new book, Łódzkie Stare Miasto (The Old Town of Łódź), has been published

added: 24.08.2011
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The Old Town of Łódź
The Old Town of Łódź
The Old Town of Łódź

On the occasion of the approaching 588 anniversary of granting city rights to Łódź, we would like to inform that a new book dedicated to the Old Town of Łódź will be published.

The publication is to concern the earliest history of the city, less known, or not known at all events from before the industrial age.

It will present selected Łódź people who survived Litzmanstadt Ghetto and will outline the most important events from the history of the city.

What is more, the book will contain previously unpublished drawings, plans and photographs of Łódź.


Title: Łódzkie Stare Miasto  (The Old Town of Łódź).

Authors: Longin Małecki, Mirosław Zbigniew Wojalski, Łucja Robak.

Publishers: Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciół Starego Miasta w Łodzi (Association of Łódź Old Town Friends), Regional Tourist Organisation of Łódź Voivodeship

Łódź, July 2011


Source: Marek Moskwa - Regional Tourist Organisation of Łódź Voivodeship

Michalina Ziemniewicz  -  mziemniewicz(at)

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