Regional Tourist Organisation of the Łódź Voivodeship
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Aims and tasks of the Regional Tourism Organisation of Łódź Region

added: 01.10.2010
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The Regional Tourism Organisation is an association which is a legal entity, functioning on the basis of the Prawo o stowarzyszeniach (Law of Associations) Act of 7 April 1989 (Dz. U. [Journal of Laws] of 2001, No. 79, item 855 with later amendments and additions) and the Act on Polish Tourism Organisation of 25 June 1999  (Dz. U. [Journal of Laws] No. 62, item 689 with later amendments and additions). Therefore, we are the first statutorily created organisation operating on the basis of public and private partnership (PPP).

The Regional Tourism Organisation of Łódź Voivodeship has set several fundamental goals of its activity:

  1. creation and spreading the image of Łódź voivodeship as a touristically attractive region, both in country and abroad,
  2. popularisation and development of tourism in Łódź voivodeship,
  3. integration of the touristic network of the voivodeship through cooperation of the public sector – local authorities – with the tourism economy sector, tourist associations and people, institutions and organisation interested in development of tourism,
  4. creation of a unified system of tourism promotion, both in the region and countrywide, as well as abroad.
  5. increase in the number of incoming tourists,
  6. facilitating identification of the voivodeship in promotion and advertising campaigns by standardisation of publications, advertising materials and design of voivodeship representation booths at fairs.
  7. cooperation with the Polish Tourism Organisation,
  8. stimulation to creating local structures for promotion and development of tourist products.
  9. improvement of access to tourist information and tourist services,
  10. professional training of tourist personnel, conducting market research, analyses and monitoring tourist activity.

The Regional Tourist Organisation cooperates with government bodies and units of local authorities, economic entities working in the field of tourism, as well as tourist associations and all other entities which contribute to promotion and development of tourism. Thanks to such a wide scope of cooperation, the following tasks can be carried out:

  1. creation of the image of the voivodeship as a region of rich heritage and interesting culture, as well as the region where one can actively spend time, and relax while doing various forms of sport and tourism in an attractive natural environment,
  2. stimulation of creation, development and improvement of the quality of the tourism product
  3. promotion of tourism and the voivodeship in country and abroad through cooperation with the media, participation in fairs, exhibitions, organisation of presentations, workshops and development of tourist information.
  4. carrying out professional courses and training, as well as studio events,
  5. conducting research in the scope of tourism, collecting and analysing data
  6. supervision and constant development of a tourist web portal on tourism –

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