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Bełchatów will have 'The Power Giants' Multimedia Museum

added: 18.11.2010
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On 4 November, The Marshal of Łódź Voivodeship and Janusz Mękarski, Vice-Mayor of Bełchatów, presented the concept of a multimedia museum called 'The Power Giants'.

is supposed to be a high-tech facility that will make use of all the available multimedia. I believe that it will attract a great number of tourists to Bełchatów,' Marshal Włodzimierz Fisiak said.
The museum will not only explain the origins of the coal near Bełchatów, but also how it is extracted and then converted into electricity. The facility will replace the Municipal Culture Centre which has already been partially demolished. It should be ready by the year 2012. The cost of the investment is PLN 19 million (ca. €4 m). Łódź Voivodeship Board allocated nearly PLN 10 million (ca. €2.,5 m) of the EU subsidy for the museum construction.

'The facility is going to be large – much bigger than the present one, called ARA. It will be built, along with the outdoor stage, on the plot between 19 Stycznia Street, where public toilets used to be located, and it will replace the ARA building,' Coordinator of the City Economic Development Team Małgorzata Stanasiuk-Mordalska informs.

The city authorities especially value the exhibition that is going to find its place in the new building.

'The Power Giants is an idea to familiarise people with the history of the coalfield and to teach them about geology, natural history and physics. The museum is mainly addressed to children and teenagers. The exhibition profile is being designed especially for them, but I hope that adults will also find something interesting for themselves, for instance issues relating to the history as well as the production cycle of the mine and the power station,' said Mayor of Bełchatów Marek Chrzanowski.

'The initiative to organise the permanent exhibition that would present the Bełchatów Mine and Power Station, the companies which form the mining and energy complex, seems very interesting to us,' said the Chief Executive Officer of PGE KWB Bełchatów S.A. and PGE Bełchatów Elektrownia S.A. Jacek Kaczorowski, 'Our presence in Bełchatów contributed greatly to today's success of the city. We want to find an exceptional way of presenting our work and tradition of mining and power engineering to the young inhabitants of the city and the region, as well as to the visitors. I believe that this place will popularise knowledge about our companies and the industry, and it will influence the development of the community of Bełchatów “Power Giants''.'

Pliki video:

Presentation Giganty Mocy

Vizualization of the Muzeum
Vizualization of the Muzeum
Vizualization of the Muzeum

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