Certification of tourist information points in Lodz Region

Added: 12.10.2010

The project of quality certification of tourist information points in Poland has started in 2010.

The Polish Tourism Organisation (POT) instructed the Regional Tourism Organisation of Łódź Voivodeship (ROTWŁ) to carry out the project of certification of tourist information points in Łódź voivodeship, starting in April. ROTWŁ appointed a committee of three who visited all the points taking part in the project. They were assessed according to POT’s criteria.

The certificate is not compulsory and it is given to these tourist information points which register with the project. Registration was held from 20 April to the end of May 2010. In Łódź voivodeship, 14 tourist information points (4 of which were from Łódź) registered, which is only a fourth of all tourist information points in the voivodeship.

The Regional Certification Committee which judged the points started their work in June. The committee then sent the results to the Polish Tourism Organisation, which then verified the results and granted the certificates.

Today, Łódź voivodeship can proudly present 14 tourist information points which comply with the POT’s standards. Stars were given to: