Łódź Design Festival 2010

Added: 07.10.2010

It is now the fourth time that the International Design Festival in Łódź will be held. Starting on 14 and ending on 30 October 2010.

Lodz Design Festival 2010
Lodz Design Festival 2010

The theme this year is AMAZING LIFE. The organisers invited Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka with the ‘Crumple Zone’ exhibition and Oskar Zięta presenting ‘Under Pressure’. Both exhibitions show different processes of designing, various inspirations, unusual materials and ways in which artists search for and collect ideas. ‘Crumple Zone’ will present items which are deformed, which seemingly do not have purpose, beauty or energy any more. Their legs and ‘bodies’ are twisted. They are rickety (Serhan Gurkan’s Gazelles). Sometimes they gather in groups, as if for protection, and thus create a new form (Kraud). Some seem unfinished and motionless, as if waiting for the verdict. There are also totally different items – they bend and surround us with their form. Squeezed in and held with rubber bands (Aze design and Frank Willems), they look as if they were designed to counter the pressure, to protect and guard.

‘Under Pressure’ breaks away from the common associations we have with inflatable items. Not every inflatable product is a beach ball or a bouncy castle. The old technique of inflating soft forms has more uses than that. The exhibition will present inflatable sofas (Blow Sofa, Malafor), armchairs (Fotel Blow, Zanotta), lamps (Inflating Lights, Erik Stehmann), sleds (Airboard, Joe Steiner), and even an inflatable national emblem (Godło, Bartek Mucha).

For the first time, the festival will be enriched with Special Exhibitions, which interpret the motto ‘AMAZING LIFE’ in an exceptional way. Among them, there are designer bicycles by top fashion designers: Kenzo Takada, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, and others. The Portfolio Review is also a new event. It is a confrontation of beginning designers with journalists, curators and experienced designers.

That is not all! Starting on 14 October, thanks to the support of the patron – Paradyż Ceramics – whole Łódź will be full of design. There will be additional exhibitions (over 35!), Schools Review (7 from Poland and 8 from abroad), the ‘make me!’ contest finale (over 250 contestants fighting for PLN 20,000), workshops, lectures and... night gigs in Łódź clubs.