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Łódź is the City of Women!!!

added: 31.05.2012
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Fairs, concerts, art picnics, theatre performances, and the festival "Time for Ladies"

While men get excited about Euro 2012 matches, Łódź will take care of the ladies they will probably neglect then.

The event will start with a premiere of the ''Honeymoon'' play at AOIA, no.72 Zachodnia Street.

There will also be a concert of Kayah, a car rally for women, art picnics, exhibitions of painting and photography, films about women and a meeting of female mayors of Polish towns.

In mid-June, a three-day fair "Woman and the City" will be organised in a new conference and exhibition centre MTŁ in Łódź, no.2 Politechniki Street. The exhibition area will be divided into several zones: beauty, fashion, knowledge and work, hobby and leisure, me and my mum, home and kitchen, and health.

Moreover, a "Time for Ladies" festival will be organised, with workshops, training sessions and discussion panels with famous women, theatre performances and concerts of female artists.

More info and a timetable here


Łódź is the City of Women
Łódź is the City of Women
Łódź is the City of Women

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