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Highlights of tourist attractions from the Region of Lodz

Highlights of tourist attractions from the Region of Lodz

Castle ruins in Drzewica Huge excavator at the bottom of coal delf, visible from the space Romanesque church of St. Idzi in Inowlodz The castle in Leczyca - the seat of the famous polish folk-devil Boruta Folk artisan during work Interiors of the Lowicz traditional cottage located in the open-air museum in Maurzyce XVIIth century globes from Venetian craftsman Vincenzo Coronelli in Nieborow Palace Gothic castle in Oporow Pictures from the Spala Landscape Park The view for the main oldtown market in Piotrkow Trybunalski The parade during the Festival of Flowers, Vegetables and Fruits in Skierniewice Narrow Gauge Railway in Rogow The palac in Sokolniki, presently a three star hotel Larch church in Spala Romanesque abbey in Sulejow-Podklasztorze Actively on the Sulejowski Lake The entrance to the historical mill in Tomaszow Mazowiecki Romanesque collegiate church in Tum, nearby Leczyca The castle in Uniejow Stud in Walewice This is how can you rest in Walewice The remains of the defensive walls in Wielun Bats in the cave from the Zaleczanski Landscape Park Landscape from the Zaleczanski Landscape Park

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