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Japanese journalists in Łódź Voivodeship...

added: 18.11.2010
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On 23 October, Łódź and Łowicz hosted Japanese journalists from 'Nikkei Business Publications'. The visitors came here to gather materials for the first monograph tourist guidebook about Poland in Japanese.

The guidebook would be a part of the Tabi Meijin series ('The Experienced Traveller') that has already issued more than 124 tourist guidebooks, 60% of which were devoted to the European countries and cities. Filling the gap and including Poland in this popular publishing series as fast as possible is highly desired not only for representative values, but also for advertising Poland as a tourist destination among Japanese consumers.

The guests began their tour of Łódź Voivodeship in Łowicz, where they visited the Łowicz Museum and the Old Market, admiring front elevations of the Town Hall and Cathedral Basilica. They continued their trip in Łódź. The first on the list was a visit to Księży Młyn district, during which the journalists learnt about the history of Karol Scheibler's manufacturing times. Next, we moved to the world of film, namely to the Museum of Cinematography and the Film School which Rector Andrzej Bednarek showed to us. Later on, we returned to the manufacturing times, visiting the Central Museum of Textiles, along with the Heritage Park of Wooden Architecture and Manufaktura where we dined in the Jewish restaurant Anatewka. Another stop was at the Kinderman Villa – one of the best examples of Polish Art Nouveau, currently the location of the Chimera Gallery. The trip ended with a walk down the Piotrkowska Street, where the Japanese journalists marvelled at 19th-century tenement houses.

To sum up, the journalists gathered plenty of materials and photo documentation, and right after the return to Japan they got down to work on the guidebook. They are planning to return to Poland in the spring.

The study press tour round Łódź Voivodeship was organised by the Regional Tourist Organisation of Łódź Voivodeship. The project partners include: Polish Tourist Organisation, Bureau of Promotion, Tourism and International Cooperation of the City of Łódź Office.

For more information contact, please: Agnieszka Żakiewicz,

The Japanese publisher and editor of 'Nikkei BP' visits the Museum of Textiles.

Japanese jurnalist visit in Muzeum of Textiles
Japanese jurnalist visit in Muzeum of Textiles
Japanese jurnalist visit in Muzeum of Textiles

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