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Japanese journalists in the Łowicz Land (Ziemia Łowicka)

added: 24.08.2011
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In the Łowicz Land
In the Łowicz Land
In the Łowicz Land


On 27 July 2011, the Regional Tourist Organisation of Łódź Voivodeship hosted reporters from Japan in the Łowicz Land.

Isao Hirata and Mami Ishizawa came to Poland in order to gather material for a monographic, guidebook about Poland. The guidebook, published as part of a popular “Gem Stone” series, characterized by attractive form of presenting touristic destinations, high quality of photos and high amount of practical information that will attract attention of Japanese consumers, will be published at the beginning of 2012.

We are especially happy to inform you that cities from the region of Łódź – Łowicz, Maurzyce and Walewice – will also be presented in the book.

The study press tour was related to these very towns. In Łowicz, visitors were welcomed by mayor, Jan Kaliński, who eagerly told the reporters about the culture and history of the Łowicz Land. Following the meeting in Łowicz, the representatives of Japanese media went to an open air heritage museum in Maurzyce, where they learnt about architecture typical for 19th/20th century villages. Apart from that, they met folk artists who presented how Łowicz works of art – embroidery, cut-outs and blotting papers products – are made.

Another stop of the visit was the Museum of the Brzozowski family in Sromów. A collection of over 400 sculptures and Łowicz-style clothing and decoration made a huge impression on the reporters. Performances by a local folk band and children folk band “Boczki Chełmońskie” were a nice surprise. After returning to Łowicz, the reporters visited the Cathedral Basilica, Museum of Łowicz, Old and New Market Square.

The final stop of the visit was Walewice, which are featured in the guide as an example of a historical hotel.
Regional Tourist Organisation of Łódź Voivodeship wishes to thank the Town Office of Łowicz for help in organisation of the study press tour.
Agnieszka Koralewska,

Open air museum in Maurzyce
Łowicz works of art attracted attention of Japanese reporters
A visit to Walewice
A visit to the mayor of Łowicz, Mr Jan Kaliński

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