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MEDIATRAVEL, Civilization and Media Art Festival

added: 14.04.2011
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fot. Richard Falco; WTC
fot. Richard Falco; WTC
fot. Richard Falco; WTC

On 27-30 April, we invite you to Łódź for the Civilization and Media Art Festival, MEDIATRAVEL.

MEDIATRAVEL festival is a journey through the media, whose authors are inspired by the world and, in particular, by people, society and environment we live in, conflicts and social problems, customs and habits of people, and also the general aspect of contemporaneity – i.e. everything that surrounds us.

 We understand travel as an act of transition to another level of spirituality, to a different religion, philosophy, culture…; a journey to other countries and fascination with the landscape, nature and monuments admired in their exotic beauty. Travel is also, or maybe essentially, people, who often perceive the simplest issues in their own way, unknown to us, people with views so different from what we are accustomed to and what is, in our opinion, natural. This is a very particular journey, more spiritual than physical, more intellectual and profound.

 The Festival has a form of a competition with five categories: film, photography, radio, Internet, press. The main prize in each category is the World Mediatravel Award. Also honorary prizes, such as Columbus Awards for the life-long achievements, are awarded. The laureates from previous years include, among others, Ewa Rubinstein, Kazimierz Karabasz, Stanisław Szwarc-Bronikowski, professor Michał Bogusławski.

 This year, for the first time in the history of the Festival, there will be a competition for organisers of trips and expeditions. The award in the GOLD EXPEDITION is the title of a trip or expedition of the year. You can apply in the following categories: research expedition, cultural expedition, sport challenge expedition, travel. Also the authors of books related to history, society or travel will be awarded.

 The Festival takes place in Łódź – a city with exceptional history written by four cultures. We believe this is the best place to talk about cultural and media travel, as well as the typical trips and expeditions, presented during MEDIATRAVEL.

 The organisers of the MEDIATRAVEL Festival hope to, at least to some extent, contribute to better understanding of the world and explanation of its mysteries and riddles by providing travel enthusiasts with meetings, reviews, exhibitions, competitions,.

 For a detailed schedule and more information, please go to:

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