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added: 10.09.2010
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Research studies on tourist activity in Lodz region

Since 2008, the Regional Tourism Organisation of Łódź Voivodeship has been conducting research on tourist activity in Łódź and Łódź voivodeship, which is to measure the volume of tourist activity on the one hand, and to show its character on the other. The main partners are the Marshal’s Office in Łódź and the City Office of Łódź, whereas other substantive partner is research team, consisting of employees of the Institute of Urban Geography and Tourism Studies of the University of Łódź.

The research on tourist activity in our region encompasses:

Assessment of the number of Polish and international tourists

Establishing a profile of a Polish and international tourist, taking into consideration:

  • cities, regions and countries of origin of tourists visiting our region,
  • purpose of a visit, services and entertainment, accommodation chosen by tourists and their evaluation
  • organiser of a visit and means of transport,
  • duration of stay and frequency of visits to Łódź and Łódź voivodeship,
  • travel companions, gender, age, education, professional status and material condition,
  • average sums spent during a tourist stay and likelihood of spending larger sums,
  • sources of information about Łódź and Łódź voivodeship.

A ranking of most frequently visited places, attractions and tourist products.

Characteristics of foreign markets which are important in regard to incoming tourists.

The research is conducted in all 21 poviats of the Łódź voivodeship and 3 cities which function as poviats, i.e. Łódź, Piotrków Trybunalski and Skierniewice, by a group of 25 interviewers, employed by the Regional Tourism Organization of Łódź Voivodeship, equipped with special ID cards and written authorizations. In general, about 3300 questionnaires are completed per annum.

The survey is conducted during three quarters of a year. The interviewers visit the most interesting (in terms of tourism) places, hotels, agritourism farms, holiday centres, religious spots, etc. They will visit many cultural and touristic events, railway and coach stations, Tourist Information Centres, airports and other places visited by tourists.

We hope that the survey will have a positive influence on tourism in our voivodeship. At the same time, we ask representatives of territorial authorities, accommodation and entertainment administrators, as well as persons working in the associations which promote development of tourism in Łódź voivodeship to provide our interviewers with all possible assistance in their work.
    Mrs Sylwia Nowak is responsible for the task on behalf of the Regional Tourism Organization of Łódź Voivodeship,, +48 42 663 77 33.

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