The Best Tourism Products of Łódź Voivodeship

Added: 07.10.2010

On 24 September, the award ceremony for the Best Tourism Products of Łódź Voivodeship 2010 took place during the World's Tourism Day in Spała organised by ROTWŁ.

Best certificate sign is handed by Polish Tourist Organisation
Best certificate sign is handed by Polish Tourist Organisation

The winning products received special certificates. The contest is held by the Regional Tourism Organisation of Łódź Voivodeship (ROTWŁ) for the second time. Its aim is to find the most attractive, innovative and tourist-friendly tourism products of a given year, as well as to promote and support local and regional initiatives which result in creating tourism products. The certificate is a prestigious award in the tourist industry in Poland. The winners can count on “special promotion in Poland and abroad” by the Polish Tourism Organisation and regional tourism organisations of their voivodeships. 

This year, there were 22 contestants from the Łódź voivodeship (eight of which were from Łódź). All of them were judged by a special award committee appointed by the president of ROTWŁ – Sylwester Pawłowski. Its members are experts in the fields of construction and promotion of tourism products, investments in tourism, tourism audits and the mass media.
The entries were judged based on the criteria such as: attractiveness to tourists, date of completion, how long it operates during the year, accessibility, variety, coherence of the product’s offer in Poland and abroad, diversity of founding sources, dynamics of the tourist traffic, compliance with regional programmes of development of tourism products, the way it functions, and the prospects for future development.

The jury appointed by the President of ROTWŁ granted 9 awards in 2010: 6 certificates and 3 honourable mentions. The certificate for Best Tourism Product of the Łódź Voivodeship 2010 was given to:

 Honourable Mentions were given to:

 The tourism products which received the ROTWŁ certificate will be included in the organisation’s actions:

From the awarded products, the jury of ROTWŁ has chosen two: the Nudist Night at Fala from Łódź, and the Japanese Martial Arts’ Centre ‘Dojo - Stara Wieś’. They were submitted to enter the nationwide contest for the POT Certificate.

This year, we have not won the aforementioned certificate, but the voivodeship can be proud of Manufaktura, which received the most prestigious award – the Golden POT Certificate. The Golden POT Certificate is awarded to tourism products which have received a POT certificate and significantly expanded their activities. This year is the third time these awards have been given. Previous award winners were the Industrial Monuments Route of the Silesian Voivodeship (2008), and the Augustów Canal – Papal Route (2009).

Congratulations to all the winners!