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The Touring Festival of the Lodz Philharmonic ‘Colours of Poland’ 2011

added: 28.06.2011
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The 12th Festival is about to start. This amazing event is a combination of performances by the world-famous classical music artists and a chance to see the most beautiful places of our region.

Almost each concert of the ‘Colours of Poland’ takes place in a different place, carefully selected according to its historical, tourist and landscape qualities. Tours along this route are a very interesting way to spend holidays. During the 3-month period, participants shall have a unique chance to visit old castles, scenic mansions, ascetic monasteries, churches full of baroque splendour and interesting regional museums.

Below, please find the programme of the Festival:

1 July (Saturday) – Festival Inauguration – Skierniewice (Church of St. Jacob the Apostle, ul. Senatorska 16)

3 July (Sunday) Bedoń Przykościelny (the Church of Divine Mother Queen of Poland, ul. Kościelna 22)

9 July (Saturday) Sieradz (the Urszulanki convent, ul. Dominikańska 16)

10 July (Sunday) Konstantynów Łódzki (the Nativity of Mary Church, pl. Tadeusza Kościuszki 4/5)

16 July (Saturday) Radomsko (monastery of Franciscans Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows, ul. Narutowicza 3)

17 July (Sunday) Rogów (Arboretum of Warsaw University of Life Sciences, ul. Leśna 1)

23 July (Saturday) Zelów (Evangelical Reformed Church, ul. Sienkiewicza 14a)

24 July (Sunday) Studzianna-Poświętne (the Basilica of the Our Lady of the Holy Family, ul. Główna 7)

30 July (Saturday) Arkadia (Museum in Nieborów and Arkadia, Division of the National Museum in Warsaw; Archpriest's Sanctuary in Arkadia park)

31 July (Sunday) Wolbórz (St. Nicholas Collegiate Church, pl. Jagiełły 5)

6 August (Saturday) Inowłódz (St. Gilles church, pl. Kazimierza Wielkiego)

7 August (Sunday) Lipce Reymontowskie (Wł. St. Reymont Regional Museum in Lipce Reymontowskie, Zagroda Ludowa, ul. Wiatraczna 10)

13 August (Saturday) Działoszyn (Park and Palace Complex in Działoszyn, District Culture Centre, ul. Zamkowa 22)

15 August (Monday) Sulejów (Cistericians abbey, the Assumption of Mary and St. Thomas Church, ul. Opacka 13)

20 August (Saturday) Lutomiersk (Salesian Monastery, ul. Kopernika 3)

21 August (Sunday) Tum (the Collegiate Church of St. Mary and St. Alexius)

27 August (Saturday) Łowicz (the Assumption of Mary and St. Nicholas Cathedral Basilica, Stary Rynek 24/30)

28 August (Sunday) Dobroń (the Church of St. Adalbert, ul. Sienkiewicza 41)

3 September (Saturday) – Festival Final – Łódź (Artur Rubinstein Łódź Philharmonic, ul. Narutowicza 20/22)

Source: and ‘Colours of Poland’ – Łódź Philharmonic Touring Festival

Michalina Ziemniewicz - mziemniewicz(at)

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